Why You SHOULDN’T Use Toilet Paper!

Green Cow Land
6 min readFeb 8, 2021

Who the hell came up with the idea of toilet paper?
Lets wipe our asses with dry tree paper. That will clean us up!
Spraying ourselves down with some Disinfectant spray would do the job better, At least that nasty poo bacteria won’t be there Right?
Is toilet paper a necessity? Or Is it a luxury.

Most Americans, Even the poorest, Tend to look at the toilet paper as a necessity.
How else do we clean our bottoms?

Where did Toliet paper come from?

It came out in 1857. Because cleanliness was a serious issue. Ever since we have used it without question. Damaging the environment.

Toliet Paper Is terrible for the environment

It’s freaking paper!
I look around, And everything we own, Is plastic. And we use paper products constantly. Everything is thrown away! It’s ridiculous how much we waste.
The wood that is being used to make our toilet paper is virgin wood. And it comes straight from the forest. Each tree supplies only 1,000 roles of toilet paper! We are using less recycled paper to make our toilet paper because many companies have gone paperless. While this reduces the amount of paper out there which helps the environment. The amount of fresh wood we use to wipe our asses is increasing.
This is the same with all the napkins, And Paper towels we are using! Usually, we use these items only for a moment, Then we discard them and never think of them again!

White toilet paper

The whiter the paper, The more fresh wood it contains. Either that, or it’s been bleached. Would you wipe yourself with bleach? No?

You Shouldn’t Use Recycled Toliet paper Either

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