Why You Should Avoid Being Angry!

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3 min readFeb 23, 2021

No, I’m not about to encourage you to hold it in! You should never hold in your anger. Anger is a natural emotion that everyone feels sometimes.
You may be completely justified being angry, Whether it’s a situation or a family member. But in the end, it hurts you more than anything.

  • Anger is sometimes easier to feel than hurt! Sometimes we feel more in control when we are angry, Rather than defeated when we hurt.
  • Usually, anger works as a mask to hide the feelings of sadness.

How To Get Rid Of Anger


Sometimes arguments can be counter productive. It depends on the person and the circumstances. With many people, it’s better to cool down first, then address the issue rather then tackle it in a heated, emotional moment. Some people can’t even handle the intensity of another angry person. It scares them. And in a moment like this, They’ll completely shut down. So talking it out may not even be an option at that point.

Be Present

Focus on your feelings and allow yourself to fully feel the anger so you can relieve the pain of it. Anger in large doses isn’t healthy, and it can keep your cortisol levels too high. Focus on exactly what you hear in your head. Humans aren’t perfect, Sometimes your expectations may be way too high. You may be surprised about what is causing you to be so angry.

Work it out!

Go to the gym, Get a punching bag, Go for a run. That always does magic when I’m angry. I do an intense workout, and I feel so good after I can finish the day off strong!

Avoid Replays.

I’m guilty of this one. When we are angry, we constantly replay it in our heads, Basically working us up more. If you have to momentarily distract yourself do it. But then try to get yourself to overcome it and fully feel the effects of the anger. This will allow you to move on faster. Even if it’s something devastating.


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