Why Making “Content Curation” Is Important For Your Business

Green Cow Land
2 min readNov 22, 2020

Everyday You indulge in some content. Whether it’s Steemit browsing or checking your Facebook feed. Or just watching TV.
Humans have become obsessed with content. And with the internet, we are even more obsessed.

It gives us advice; It gives us tips. We learn We get entertained. Content seems to drive a lot of our buying choices and decisions.

But with the mass of content being created everyday, There is an ever growing need for curation.

But as Businesses Do We Need To Make Content?

Of course.
Most businesses have blogs these days, If you can use Google to drive traffic to it, Then you can potentially get a lot more customers.

Curation Is Becoming Increasingly Important For Businesses

Even when you, As a business share something that your competitor created, You are giving your customers VALUE! They will remember the positive thing you shared with them!
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. People just want the good stuff, And sometimes it takes too long to make all that good stuff. So curating can give your customers what they want.

Curating takes less time than making content

We all know that voting for a post on Steemit, Takes less time than writing your own. I think voters often don’t realize the value they are providing for the platform When they weed through piles of stuff to find the things they feel are highly important. Sometimes good stuff gets buried, and it needs to be unburied.

Curating Builds Business relationships

When your this respected business, and you share something, your competitor made, Sometimes they notice. They will see that as a favor you did for them.And you’ll learn brownie points. Later on, if you need their help, they will sometimes be more open to helping you! This can build a very nice relationship.

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