Why I Don’t Want “Perfect” Teeth.

Green Cow Land
3 min readApr 16, 2020

So many people in the United States are obsessed with that perfect “picket” fence look with their teeth. They want pearl whites. And perfectly shaped teeth. Everytime I go to the dentist, They look at my vampire teeth, That are naturally very sharp. And they ask me If I want to “add on” to my tooth to give that perfect look.

Hell no!

I don’t understand the obsession. When your teeth are “perfect” they look like everyone else, They look BORING! People are obsessed with showing their individuality, But that clearly isn’t the case with teeth.

Having your natural teeth and of course taking care of them, Is what makes you beautiful.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t get dental work

But love your teeth for their uniqueness.
You may not like certain aspects of your mouth, and you may want to get them fixed. I have a big gap between my two front teeth. But I got that fixed because I didn’t like it. But my bottom teeth are terribly crooked, And I love them! They somewhat remind me of the bottom teeth of Alan Rickman. Or at least his character Snape In Harry Potter

Look Younger, Leave those teeth alone.

I guess you could argue that coffee stains and such, Make you look older. But having perfectly shaped teeth, Make you look older. Look at children. They haven’t had a chance to get braces, Or other straightening, Or other edits to their mouth, Unless it’s a small filling from a cavity, their teeth are pretty much untouched.
Kids look young, We all want to look like kids these days. Why not leave your teeth…

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