Preparing For Christmas Sales

Green Cow Land
3 min readAug 8, 2020

I hate to be that person that ruins Halloween, But I have two businesses, That I have to prep early for the Christmas season. I’m a bit late this year. But the amount of work I have to do is pretty chaotic.

I’ve been listing more and more items for my drop shipping store. I’m hoping to overflow in extra sales,

I’ve also been trying to publish as many books as I can so they can sell during the holidays, SEO-ing my descriptions and trying to get my Tshirts going.
I am also trying to build a drop shipping store on multiple sites, I currently am pretty big on two sites, and bring in a lot of sales on a regular basis. I also am making big “BOX LOTS” of stuff so that People can buy large boxes of random new stuff for all their gift-giving during the holidays.I also hope I can expand to Ebay!

Even though I am an American, I am always in awe of the obsession people have with stuff. They buy and buy. Some people have to take out loans to buy presents, And by January they are so drained from spending that they struggle to pay bills a good portion of the year. Maybe this sounds a bit… Ridiculous because I’m literally one of those people, trying to sell you as much junk as possible. It makes no sense. I used to live like that too, Emptying my bank account on all these random gifts for people. But I instead obsess over making money instead. Maybe that’s greedy, But as I’ve been getting rid of more and more of my belongings. I’m less and less impressed with stuff. It honestly doesn’t make me happy, Sometimes I wish I could throw away everything I own and completely start over, But I do not have the time or the money to do that.

I feel like Americans are so obsessed with hoarding. When will people realize that it’s the experiences that make you happy in life?

Aren’t holidays supposed to be spending time with the people you care about?

Maybe for Christmas people should take a vacation with the people they like instead of the whole present, Christmas tree, ordeal. Seems to make more sense to me…
If you live in another country, What kinds of holidays do you celebrate? Are people obsessed with just “stuff”?

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