Infest Your House With Beetles!

Green Cow Land
2 min readMay 31, 2020

Beetles! OMG! They are creepy But so beautiful! I’m going to teach you how to draw two different beetles. (The other will be in another post. )

Sorry, But because I’ve been falling behind in my books, I will only be showing you how to draw the outline, You can color or shade on your own :)
These will eventually be in coloring books :)

Draw a weird shape like this

Add an oval

Add a circle, I promise you are not drawing a snow man LOL

Give it antlers. Like a reindeer.

I should lay off these lame ass Christmas jokes, Remember HALLOWEEN.

Shape the Shell

Add the shiny marks

and give him some legs

I’m going to outline mine in marker :)

Then erase the pencil lines, Obviously LOL

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