How To “Milk” Your Job For Everything You Can!

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After explaining how much time & money you are wasting, I’m going to explain how you can milk the hell out of your job to get maximum benefits for yourselves.

After taxes, After All the supplies you buy for work, And all that time you waste driving And getting ready.

Your hourly wage isn’t looking so good right now. If you saw my last two posts. I went to my part-time job that I have now, That is supposed to be paying me 18.00 per hour, But after all the math I determined that I’m only making 4.45 an hour.

Not even minimum wage…


Post One, The Money You Waste
Post Two, The Time You Waste

So You Gotta Milk It

Well, Depending on your job, You may get health insurance, Or other benefits sooner than later. Or heck, Not at all. In my case, I have to wait a whole year! Which I don’t know if I’ll be there that long. So what else can my employer offer me?


I always noticed that many people aren’t very “Enthusiastic” about their jobs. So they don’t try to learn more about the hire up positions, The lower positions, Just everything!

When I worked at my janitorial job for six years, I was constantly asking my supervisor to teach me about new things I didn’t know.
Like how to strip and regloss hard floors, How to shampoo the carpet. How to use the buffer.

Not only did that give me valuable experience to later get an even higher paying job in janitorial work. But it also added some trust and helped build the relationship I had with that supervisor. As a result, On days I just REALLY didn’t want to spend all day taking out garbages, I often could just do whatever I felt like doing. Many of the skills I learned at my janitorial job, can also be applied at home. With everyday cleaning. Which is extremely helpful.

I do this at UPS too. Part of my job, Is learning how to build box walls And learning the zipcodes on boxes. So I do everything I can to learn as many zip codes as possible. I also try to learn about the whole “shipping” Process, So I can better serve my customers, By knowing exactly how to package their items.

Also knowing many zipcodes by heart, Makes my shipping time for my customers much faster.


And once you run out, it may be time to cut that job loose.

Some jobs also offer tuition assistance for college. You don’t even necessarily have to want a degree, But if you want to learn a new skill, you can use that to your advantage.
If I stay at UPS long enough, I may even consider taking a few finance classes at the nearby college, Because I know UPS will pay 100% of it.

Your Coworkers

If you work with people, Customers or coworkers, They may be able to teach you some things. I’ve learned lots of random facts from my coworkers; I’ve also learned more about people in general, and how the brain works. After writing self-improvement posts, I’m starting to notice patterns with people that I have never seen before. Become a sponge and let your coworkers talk to you about things they like, You could learn a lot of new things this way.

Plus everyone likes to be listened to! You’ll be able to build upon that relationship with your coworker.

So use your job to not only make money But to Learn!

Milk The Actual Job!

For people who work a desk job, Maybe in slow moments, you can practice drawing, Writing or reading cool articles online. Instead of wasting your time playing games on your phone.

Although if you work a physical job, There is something even better you can do! UPS is my gym. I scan and load boxes all night. Lifting up to 70lbs. Regularly. The main reason I came back was for this, While I spend all day sitting working on my business, I come to UPS and work as hard as I physically can. I find it funny, Seeing coworkers stand around, thinking that they are doing themselves a favor by “ripping” off the company. (Pisses me off real bad).

Everyone needs exercise, and especially if you have some weight loss goal, Let that job help you get there!

If you work at a job that requires you do to a lot of walking, Consider weighted ankle things or just power walk down the hall. If you work in a warehouse, Try to speed up, And have a goal to beat your number each day. You’ll get in shape, and you may not have to work out when you go home, BIG TIME SAVER!

Ask For A Raise

This is scary for a lot of people, But the worst that can happen is you’ll be told “No.” that’s it.
A lot of times you may end up with a “yes, “ and you’ll be able to make more money.

Look At Your Benefits

We often forget to use those benefits that we get from our jobs. But some of them could save us time or money. If you have a website you can log in to; Sometimes the benefits will be laid out for you right on the screen, Whether you get discounts on hotels or movie tickets, It could save you quite a bit.

Most Jobs Offer SOMETHING Extra

You may have to be a little creative, But you can find it. Then you can use it to your advantage to get a little more from your job!

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