How To Alter Your Subconscious mind

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5 min readFeb 21, 2021

It’s amazing how powerful our brains work, and how much stuff can easily be going on behind the scenes without us even thinking about it!
Why is it that some people have more advantages than others?
While we may not fully understand the human brain completely. There are things we can do to help alter whats going in our subconscious mind.

“Average person has approximately up to 60.000 thoughts per day! But the astonishing fact is that 95% of those thoughts are the same from the previous day which leaves us only with 5% new and creative thoughts.” — This quote was stolen from Simple Capacity.

Somethings to remember about your subconscious

It doesn’t know right from wrong.
Imaginary or real.

  • It Gives you more of what you tell it to!
    So if you focus your life on negativity, Even your subconscious mind will pick up on it. Even when you may not realize it.

Your Inner world reflects your outer world.

Have you ever tried to make a meaningful change in your life?
You change for a while, And things are great. But you later go back to how you were before?
Sometimes when we make changes in our life, We make the mistake of only focusing on the surface of the problem. Instead of our belief system, Our emotions and why we are doing things.

I successfully lost 40 pounds at one point in my life. It was thin, And I looked incredible. But I didn’t see a difference when I looked in the mirror. I also didn’t take enough before pictures. But even after I got what I wanted, And I was thin. I was still unhappy, Because I had a stretch mark here, A scar there. I could think of a million reasons why I hated my body. The problem wasn’t me being over weight.
The problem, I had a low self-esteem. Even if I had a “Perfect” Body, with that kind of low self esteem. I would have never been happy with myself. I would have found something wrong with the body I had.

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