How Mini Habits Can Change Your Life

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4 min readOct 8, 2021

Mini habits are habits that are so easy; You can’t NOT do them.
They are almost silly.

Passive Bad habits

Many of us have these bad habits, And it can be hard to move past them at times.
Such as

  • Laziness
  • Fear
  • Wasting time.
    Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing these things, It just happens.
  • When you add good habits to your life, it Illuminates another possible path. Restores your confidence, And makes it easy for you to be successful without trying as hard. If you read my last post about self-control, This is related. You have a limited amount of self-control in a day, But when you incorporate good habits into your daily routine, you can do “extra” good stuff. Without burning through your self-control as fast, Because you don’t have to subconsciously think about what your about to do, You just do it.
    This is how I am with running; I run everyday. It requires no self-control Because it’s such a strong habit. I don’t’ even think about it. I just put on my jogging shoes and go for it!

Why Mini Habits

Mini habits are a trick to building bigger, More long term positive habits.
If I would have woken up one day and said: “I’m going to start running 2 miles a day”. This would make it hard to be successful. 2 miles sounds long and daunting. But if I said, Starting today, I’m going to walk past my neighbor’s house, Turn around and come back.
Doesn’t that sound stupid easy?

As much as you’d like to think that your day is different everyday…
45% of the things we do every day are a result of habits.
So if you have a bunch of good habits, you’ll be at a huge advantage in life. Where as people with bad habits are in a bad position in life.

What is a habit?

When you have a habit. It’s assigned a neural pathway in your brain, Which can easily be triggered by a thought…

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